Why you need a physical therapist and professional trainer.

Trainers are the saviors of a dehydrated or hurt athlete during a game. Working with athletes of all sports year round, trainers do just about everything from taping wrists, fingers, and ankles to physical therapy after games.

Staying late assisting the athletes every afternoon is just some of the many things they do. But they don't seem to get much credit.

Anything that you can possibly think of we do, Head Athletic Trainer Linette Lam said.

As the trainers become more experienced with the amount of years they have participated in, they receive more responsibilities. The trainers have plenty to do and always keep a busy schedule.

Starting off as a trainer the responsibilities are to watch the more experienced trainers and get the hang of all the things they have to do. As the years go by they start having more hands-on responsibilities, such as taping and giving ultrasounds. They also put players on the stem machine, which is

My sister was a trainer for the school so she introduced it to me, senior Priscilla Martinez said. So because of her I went to a football game in 8th grade and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I have been a trainer for four years and I love it.

Lams former student trainers have gone into the field of physical therapy. It introduces students to real life work every day as a physical therapist and a professional trainer.

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