Morals and laws

Very rarely do both morals and laws coincide with one another. What is morally right often times cannot be legislated. Case in point racism, despite our current laws their still exists a very racist society. It is also true that laws are very rare a proper indication of morals. An example of this is slavery and "separate but equal". There was even a law in one state that allowed for the murder of a religious sect simply because you wanted their land. Currently there are a couple of battles being fought legally that have great moral implications.

First would be the Arizona Immigration law. They again are trying to legislate how one race interacts with another and thereby causing a moral dilemma for many. I am a law abiding citizen, however I feel this law is morally repugnant. I would be inclined to disobey the law on moral grounds.

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Second, there is a Muslim Mosque that is being built near Ground Zero in New York. Many people feel that it is a slap in the face to those who died in the Twin Towers. It is in my opinion that this single act is the greatest honor that the Islamic people could have done. They are placing one of their most sacred holy places near the site of a great travesty. Many people mistakenly believe that Islam is a radical and extremist religion, now of course there are some in Islam, however most are peaceful and honorable people. The fact that they wish to place a mosque near Ground Zero is not a matter to be legislated. In fact according to the First Amendment, they have the right to build the mosque where they choose. There is no "clear and present danger" by placing the mosque there. Certainly individuals will take issue with this however, you cannot infringe upon the rights of an individual without infringing upon the rights of all. You cannot take away the rights of the one group and not have your own rights be called into question, the old saying "what's good for the goose, is good for the gander" applies. We are all geese or ganders! We are all human beings regardless of what country we come from. It is time we focus on how we are similar instead of how we are different. After all it is what we focus on that eventually we become: one world under god indivisible or a people that war and destroy one another. When you get right down to it aside from language, location, and culture, we are the same and are all seeking the same things respectively. It is time we came together as a people and seek for the equality and happiness of each other. The survival of all depends on the survival of one.

When we lose sight of the fact that not everything can be restricted by legislation, then we cling to principles that can in fact lead us down the wrong path. It is our morals knowing the difference between right and wrong and acting accordingly that will make up the difference between where the law ends and where life begins. We can and should set our own limitations and not be forced into obedience through law. Many damaging situations would be averted if we took responsibility for our own actions and we did not try to legislate morality.

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