4 Things to consider before selling a structured settlements

Wait You may want to consider several factors before you make that final decision to sell structured settlements.You may save yourself a lot of headaches if you consider some of the "Pros and Cons" of making such a decision..

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Of course the biggest Pro for keeping your structured settlement is that it provides regular payments, which are tax free and protected by both federal and state laws.. This is not necessarily true for other financial assets or instruments. Structured settlements are also a good investment when done in conjunction with a government program that offers a guaranteed return, although the government programs generally have a lower return it's still guaranteed.

The main reason for an individual opting for another investment vehicle is the apparent high returns from that investment option. These generally are stocks and real estate. Although the stock market is a bit shakey at the moment (who know if it will drop even further), their are some really high return-on-investment (ROI) opportunities in the bottomed out real estate areas.

Another point to consider before you sell any structured settlements is the pre-tax income from a prospective alternative investment as compared to that same income from your structured settlement. Additionally, there is a cost associated with the sale of a structured settlement, which is going to reduce your net proceeds. The cost should be big factor, and you should look at a comparison of your returns before shifting into a different investment.

One primary tax consideration with a structured settlement is that you don't need to follow changes or updates in the tax code. Structured payments are generally tax free, but you should verify this with your tax consultant before making any decisions. When there is no tax liability, this means freedom from keeping up on the state and federal tax laws.With nearly all other investments, you should seek professional advice as to the tax considerations of selling a structured settlement and reinvesting in another finance vehcile.

If you are someone with business experience, selling a structred settlement can be a source of capital for funding or expanding a new business. Frequently, you can sell a fraction or percentage of your settlement, so you may want to keep part of the regular payments and cash out only as much as you need to fund your business.

Before you give up the comfort of regular income that is guaranteed by a structured settlement, always check with your attorney and tax specialist. More importantly, in many states it is a legal requirement.

One final advantage in favor of other investments is the freedom to manage and control your own funds. This can be a big advantage for those experienced in making such financial management decisions, such as your basic liquid investments or forex trading, etc.. With a single lump payment, you can be ready to participate in any opportunity that presents itself.

Whatever the reason for considering a sale of your structured settlement, make sure you get professional advice from an attorney in your jurisdiciton and a tax consultant.

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