Managing Business Articles Writing Time

Here are some helpful ideas or suggestions per se to help with business articles. The writer needs time to develop the topic concept, allow at least 20 minutes to frame the topic. This should address the audience, tone and language use, length and specific niche. The next phase includes the researching and outlining for the article itself. The questions that need to be asked here include; "How much detail should I go into?" "Should I SEO optimize it after I consider the audience requirements?" "How should I format the content to make it easy to digest?" and "Can I further achieve my tactical content goals with this piece?" This is a good starting place, but now we can face the drafting stage and what it takes to get an article into shape.

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The drafting stage for business articles can consume hours if the writer let's it. The average draft should be around an hour or two, this does not include editing. The initial article requires may need a sledge-hammer and then later some light brushing to get the details and style right. The first draft will have flaws, but these flaws need fixing in order for the piece to flow right. An individual article can have as many as 10 drafts, sometimes more or less. It depends on the writer or editor. The editing stage requires extensive brushing and polishing out the ideas and tone. This stage is daunting and tiresome, especially if the piece is not hitting the mark. The first draft and first edit go hand in hand, they will help develop the article's direction, tone, style, length and format.

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