Knowing the Basic Component of a Computer

Basic component of a computer , no matter what type it is, was basically the same. Those who want to get to know more about a computer and perhaps planned to build a computer on their own someday should be fully aware about these basic components. Computer that was build for specific purpose such as for gaming or working on lots of graphic may need more advanced parts but basically it is still use the same component.

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Eight Important Basic Component of a Computer

Here we are going to see eight basic component of a computer and the first one is CPU or processor. This is the brain of a computer and without these components, there is no way a computer can work on the task that people give to it. Better CPU work faster and able to do high demand work. When people already got the CPU, they need something to connect all the other components to one another and this is the job of a motherboard. The type of motherboard that people use should be compatible with the processor. Next we have RAM (random access memory) that work like a computer short term memory that will help people to run more programs at one time. Then there is memory or hard drive, where people store up all of their data from document, images, videos, music and so on.

To handle all the graphic need, which is something that people will see on their monitor, people are going to need graphic cards. Choose the right graphic card that will support the kind of task that people are going to perform such as watching HD video or playing 3D games. Now, the computer won't be able to run without a power supply. Different computer with different need and component may need different wattage on their power supply. Another basic component of a computer is the optical drive such as DVD drive and make sure to wrap all those component into a single case that can keep up with all those component mentioned before.

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