The Power of Thought

People must be able to think in a certain way to become successful. Sustained, consecutive thoughts are essential, regardless of the appearances.

We achieve what we focus on - where we concentrate our power of thoughtin other words, we achieve what we think about. So it is very important to think about our dreams and to believe we can achieve them.

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What is your reality? Our minds can create any reality. I know this sounds somewhat far fetched, however think about it for a while. It is not what happens to you but rather it's your perception of what happens to you that is your reality. Two people can have the same circumstances and yet perceive them very differently. In fact, to pursue this concept further, it can be said that a problem is only a problem for us if we allow it to be. Now that is challenging if you are inclined to worry about a lot of things.

Master your mindset: It has been suggested that in order to live our dreams we need to first and foremost master our mindset and after that look for some strategies. Wealth creation, as you will find out, is very conditional on your mindset. That is, how you think, and then act. There are certainly strategies for money generation and we will find some of these for you but wealth is first created in the mind before it is seen. Prosperity is a state of mind first and foremost. Prosperity has almost nothing to do with opportunities, chance, luck, training, education or skill. It is your thoughts and beliefs that create your prosperity.

" Whatever the mind of man can conceive, he can achieve ". Napoleon Hill stated this in his classic book "Think and Grow Rich". The Bible talks about having the faith to move mountains, so this teaching has been around for a long, long time. God or the Universe does not grant your requests but rather God has provided for your prosperity already. What will you let God give you?

Pay very close attention to your habitual thoughts because everything starts with an idea and if you can control your thoughts, you can actually control what manifests in your life. Napoleon Hill stated: "As a man thinks, so it he." Learn to deliberately choose what you give attention to. Determine what you believe because beliefs act as powerful filters that shape your experience. Supportive beliefs about money help us create wealth, so imagine yourself living a wealthy lifestyle and feel as if these new beliefs have actually been manifested.

You simply can't become rich with poor thinking!!!!

Our health, relationships, intelligence and finances are determined by the ideas we give our attention to. The only limit to what we can manifest is the ideas we come up with. It all depends on how we think.

Do you believe that you can achieve a life of abundance? If we are to achieve the abundance in life we must first believe we can. However, we must also believe that it is normal to experience abundance. The Bible teaches this and nature proves it. However, most people do not believe that they can achieve their dreams. Success is for someone else, a better or smarter or luckier person. This is not true! This is the greatest obstacle we face. Our mindsets can lead to continual self-sabotage if we do not deal with this wrong thinking, which is the result of years of social conditioning. Our subconscious mind will seek out the right people and the right opportunities when it is programmed to accept abundance. Abundance is the normal state which we should all accept as our destiny.

The Mental Iceberg: Just like an actual iceberg, only the tip of our minds are "above the surface" and the other 90%, called our subconscious, lies hidden from our conscious mind. We must work hard to change our subconscious mindsets by focusing our minds in faith in our ability to succeed.

The importance of setting goals: "Without a vision the people perish" quotes the Bible. Do you have a clear vision about your destiny? Describe your future in intricate detail, including what you can see and hear and smell as you imagine yourself living out your dreams. Intentions are the driving force to reach any goal. Decide what you want, hold the thought, and then act when opportunities come along.

The Universal Law of Attraction : We do attract circumstances into our life that will match what we think and believe. We have access to anything and everything we wish to have in this world which is filled with abundance, so consciously set your intentions so that your subconscious receives these commands and creates the necessary opportunities.

Empower yourself: Take full responsibility for your circumstances, understand you can change your situation at any time and take action. Work on enlisting your power of thought for your success. Understand that what you hold in your consciousness attracts similar circumstances into your life and gives you the ability to recognize the opportunities when they come.

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