Melasma- The Symptoms, Causes and Effective Treatments

What i Mlma? Melam is cmmn tn, ptchy brwn or blu-gra kin dislrtin. It s ver cmmon n wmen ell durng prgnncy erd nd ths wh tak pth contratve or HRT (Hrmon Rplcement Thray) mediction. Uuall, t appars n th forehed, upper lp, uper heks and hin around th ge f 20 t 50 ers. It s ls relted with un exposure and hrmonal change, leading to drk spot n th fc. Thre re three min categories f Mlma namely Epidrmal, Drmal and Mxed Tpes.

Wht re th min symtoms? Th main ymtom re vry eas to dtermne which includes rregulr drk athe whch gradully dvelop ver tme. Ths dark the cver noe, uper lip, upper chek, lis nd frehad. Aprt frm cmetic dscolrton thre re no such symtoms.

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What are the min auses? Th min trgger nclud un exposure, hormnal contraceptive suh s ineted progesterone nd ontrceptve ill, regnn, hottoxc raction due t cented sops nd cosmetics and othr fctors. Smetimes, it ma rie in apprently nrmal, halthy nd nn-pregnant womn du t sme unknown factor. It may also prad to nck or uper rms or houldr if not tmel nd roerl tratd.

Wht ar the effetive treatments? Firtly, it neds t be dignoed with th hlp f highly killed prfesinl nd thereafter on can start wth treatment. Mlama slwly rsponds to ny kind f tratment thus one should hav atence. First dsontnue th cnsumpton of ontractve pills nd protect skn frm th dret expoure t sun. Using mild lensr nd lght mturizr for dry kin s ls an ffetv ption. Sme bleahing reams ncludng hydrquinone, Azelac cid nd Kjc aid re god t treat th dark ptchs. Try creams with Salicylic aid nd tpical rtnid, laer resurfacing ar alo god t gt rd of th tutin.

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