Education in Sydney

Selecting the right school is one of the major decisions that you'll need to make when moving to Sydney to live. That being said, there are no restrictions regarding attending a government school in any area. However, enrolments at government schools outside your residential boundaries are subject to availability of student places.

Students new to Australia should bring school reports and a reference from the previous school this will ease the placement process and to determine the class that the child will join.

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One of the primary choices a family must make is whether to send children to a government or non-government school. Cost, religion, culture and academic or sporting talents of students will affect this decision.To find the public schools in the area of Sydney you are considered relocating to, use the search facility at the Department of Education website.

The cost of attending a public school (government-run) while on a temporary resident visa (subclass 457) is $4500 per year for primary school and $5500 per year for high school. There is only an application fee for residents.

While the cost of attending a private school can anything up to $30,000 per year. This depends on the facilities at the school, the size of the school and the seniority of the student (prices increase with seniority) and of course prestige.

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