Book Thoughts: Social Wealth by Jason Treu

A couple of friends have asked me since then, "what happened to the Hesron that could just talk to anyone?" The honest response is, I don't know. I haven't been able to figure out what happened to me. I think that Hesron that spoke to everyone and their mom for some reason I view him as immature, and I was trying to grow up. So I kind of wanted to leave "my old self" behind? I'm not sure. That could be a reason. BUT! I do understand how important relationships are, and having a good network. I've been listening to Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast with John Lee Dumas (Great show!), and he has a question at the very end of his interviews, of what the entrepreneur he's interviewing would do with little money, all the knowledge they acquired, in a replica world but they had to start from scratch.I kid you not, almost every answer I've heard mentions they would start creating a strong network.

So I understand that "your network is your net worth." My question was, how I do I get back to being that social Hesron again?

Back to the Book

So the book starts by talking about the benefits of getting to know people and having good networks. From the get-go Jason begins hinting at the fact that the best way to make friends and really good acquaintances is by being someone that offers something to them, rather than being the taker. This sets you apart from the rest, and pondering on past social success, sometimes the best thing you can give is your time and focus. Jason talks about the value in your time and attention later in his book also, but I wanted to highlight it because it doesn't have to cost you money to offer someone value. This has had the greatest impact on me, as I'm reminded that it's not about how you look, who you think you are, creating a solid social network is about how and what you can contribute into peoples lives. That's a motivation to get social within itself.

So another hack for meeting people is meeting people in group settings. You can join groups that have the same interests that you do, like a Meetup Group, and meet people there. The advantage of doing this, is you already have something in common. Breaking the ice is easier, such as starters like, "how long have you been coming to these meetings?" Or "What interests you most about X?" The setting is a little more controlled, and this gives you the opportunity to go around and have short introductions with everyone if time permitted it. As opposed to meeting one single random person at the store, which Jason says is good practice to get out of your comfort zone anyway. If the goal though, is meeting people to develop quality relationships, group settings are a better option.

He offers a lot of ice breakers and conversation starters. Jason also talks about your body expressions, which are important. Again, he keeps his theme about the best way to make yourself standout is to offer value to people, whether it be to offer another contact in your network, your time, real listening, or whatever else, you be the first to offer something.

Another great thing about this easy read is Jason keeps reminding us that social skills are learned behavioral skills. This is why he offers so many different tips on how to get social, so that we can go out and practice. Later in the book he gets into some really cool ninja stuff, on how to network with big shots and big names in your town. It's just a great book that you got to read whether you're a true novice in networking, whether you need to touch up on your skills, or you're looking to take your game to the next level. There's some golden nuggets here for everyone.


So just last night I met with a great set of people in one of my interest group (I'm pretty sure I'll tell y'all about them later). First time meeting them, I was bit nervous but really got in my comfort zone fast after introducing myself and could see value in having relationships with these people. The simple question asked was, "what brought you here?" The night took off from there. It felt pretty good. Already looking into what other groups to meet with later this week or this weekend.

Also, I'm already talking to my wife to get in touch with her ex-boss who knows some real key players in our town. We're going to try to volunteer for some events this lady is involved with and I'll hopefully follow up with how this ends up later.

Where are you in you social wealth? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear where you're at and offer encouragement. Special thanks to Jason Treu for providing pictures for this month's Book Thoughts. If you're also having trouble with your social skills, or looking to polish up, you have to get his book. I've provided a link below where you can have it delivered to your kindle or door.

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