$149.99 · 1 hour 30 minutes
$89.99 per additional head

Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump Cleaning

A poorly functioning heat pump is a needless headache.  Your valuable investment should be protected with regular cleaning.

Breath Assured HVAC Services offers experience in professional cleaning of mini-split heat pumps in Halifax, Dartmouth, Lower Sackville, Bedford.

Annual cleaning not only extends the health of your heat pump, but also protects the health of your family.  Mold, bacteria, and algae build up on dirty units, releasing their toxins into the air, compromising your air quality and health. Prevention is the best medicine!

Save Money!

– Regular cleaning extends the life of your unit, saving you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

– Your clean heat pump works most efficiently, saving you unnecessary energy costs.

AND an efficient system reudces your carbon footprint, helping you be environmantally responsible!

When should you contact us?

When the pump:

  • does not efficiently heat your home
  • makes strange noises
  • smells rotten or musty
  • stops producing warm air

Our process includes:

  • cleaning and sanitization of internal barrel fan, condensation tray, evaporator coil, housing, and filters
  • safe handling of mini-split electronics and housing
  • flushing the condensate drain
  •  complete testing to make sure the mini-split is working properly

Your home and belongings are important to you. That makes them important to us.

The first step of our process is to cover our work area thoroughly. We also use non-abrasive and safe cleaning solutions.

Let Breath Assured heat pump cleaning services save you up to 30% on your energy bill.

Have questions? We have answers!

Contact us and set up an appointment to discuss how we can assist you.

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Why should you choose Breath Assured?


Qualified experts

We are exceptional, skilled professionals who provide fair rates. Your safety and well-being are one of our top priorities.


Customer focus

Before beginning to clean your appliances, we carefully cover our work area to protect your home. Our equipment entirely and safely cleans your HVAC devices. We use only residential and commercial cleaning products that are non-abrasive, biodegradable, and safe for your appliances as well as your home.


Satisfaction guarantee

Upon satisfactory completion of the cleaning project, we go above and beyond, providing tips for maximizing the operation of your system. Our HVAC cleaning professionals walk you through the best way to ensure optimal airflow and efficiency for your system.

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