Halifax Dryer Vent Cleaning

Breath Assured provides dryer vent cleaning services in Halifax, Dartmouth, and most of the HRM. You can count on us as experienced and professional dryer vent cleaners to clear your vents of all obstructions!

Keeping your dryer lint trap clean after every usage is important, but some lint eventually builds up in the dryer ducts. This results in less efficient operation of your machine, taking longer to completely dry your clothes. But more seriously, it becomes a fire hazzard! Forcing heat through the built up lint results in a fire just waiting to happen! This is the most common cause of fires in Canadian homes! Turning off your dryer every time you leave home is a good prevention practice.

Breath Assured will do the following:

● brush cleaning of the vent duct and area
● cleaning of the dryer vent cover
● disconnection of the dryer from the vent
● repairing/replacement of vent cover
● vacuuming to remove any build-up

In addition, we will advise you to regularly do the following:

● clean behind the dryer where lint hides
● clean the lint screen before and after each use
● replace plastic or foil ducts with rigid metal ducts

With Breath Assured, your energy consumption will be minimized, saving you as much as hundreds a year!

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Upon satisfactory completion of the cleaning project, we go above and beyond, providing tips for maximizing the operation of your system. Our HVAC cleaning professionals walk you through the best way to ensure optimal airflow and efficiency for your system.

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