Branding Basics: Values and Attitudes

"Branding is giving to others what they expect from us "

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Most people have a general idea of what branding is. Branding is all about the logo of a company, right? Not quite. Branding is much more than graphic image.

In fact, each person has their own personal "branding".Have you ever said, "Yeah, that's my trademark!" So, you're a brand. You have your own set of values, attitudes, style and a unique way you communicate with people. They are all part of your personal branding. Well, all these characteristics apply to a business too.

Values and Attitudes

At the core of branding, way before colors and shapes, are your values and your attitudes.

Your Best Friend, Your Target Audience

A celebrity or a brand can't really exist without an entourage: the target audience. For an individual, the target audience is the people who he hangs out with, his friends. For a brand, it's everyone who buys and who appreciates it for what it is and what it sells.

Fact: the audience expects the person or the brand to have certain attitudes and values. If someone decides to act differently one morning, it's possible that her friends won't tag along. Well, it's the same thing for a brand. The target audience is fragile and requires a lot of attention. Listen to it!

Basically, values and attitudes are the basis of friendship or the business-customer relationship. Everything needs to be based on this foundation to build the rest of a brand.

The Way You Talk

You and your best friend, the company and it's target audience, it's the same thing. You share a certain way of speaking,whether it's intimate or more formal, and this way of communicating characterizes your relationship.

Think of a relationship between two old friends. Both know the other by heart and always speak frankly. One day, one of them happens seems very cold, even if he speaks about the same usual topics. Chances are that he will come across as strange or even hypocritical.

A brand that has always spoken to it's audience in a very young and "cool" way and decides to change it's angle completely may lose it's current customers. If an audience feels abandoned by it's favorite brand, there's a risk, unfortunately, that it will stop buying stuff.

A discussion between a business and it's audience also determines what the customer feels. Both physically and psychologically. Attention must be paid to every part of the conversation so it's consistent with the original message.

Let's say that for few weeks, you walked in front of a shop on the way back home. From the outside, everything looks great: it's lit and well decorated. The day you enter, you realize it's cluttery, the floor is dirty and sellers are unpleasant. The problem here is that the messages don't match. You expected something, and you didn't get it.

It's not enough to say that your brand is good and beautiful, show it!

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