Move Android Non-Movable Application To External Memory

For your information, my phone OS is Gingerbread and my PC OS is Windows 7. Therefore I only share the steps that can be run on Windows. But I think it's okay if you have different OS for your phone. Let's check it out!

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1. Make sure that you have installed USB driver for your phone

If your phone is recognized by your computer, then it's ok. If not, then you can follow Google USB Driver for Windows step.

2. Download Android SDK for Windows

Do you have Android SDK on your computer? No? If you don't have it, you can download it from here. Please remember where you place this SDK. Open Android SDK Manager. If you don't have Android SDK Platform tools, then you have to install it since we will need this package. Check the checkbox of Android SDK Platform tools and click on Intall Package button. Wait until installation is finished.

3. Set up your phone

To be able to tweak your phone, the debug mode must be enabled. Configure it in Settings, Application, Development menu. Check USB debugging option . The other two options are not compulsory this time.

4. Execute the commands

Connect your phone with USB to your computer. In your computer, open command prompt (cmd.exe). Change command prompt current directory to Android SDK platform tools directory. Use ' cd ' command to do it (cd your-location).

For example " cd C:UsersSimsonAppDataLocalAndroidandroid-sdkplatform-tools ". Next step is type these following commands:

adb devices

This command is to check Android devices connected to your computer. So, do it just to assure your phone is being detected.

adb shell

pm setInstallLocation 2

This sets the default install location to the external storage.

Value 2 is for external storage, while value 0 is for phone storage.



5. Move your apps

Right now, you can move your 'non-movable application' to external storage. Please be careful if you want to move your application.

By doing those steps above, you can now move your non-movable application to external memory. However, the default application from Android can't be moved (of course!).

If you want to reset your setting again, then you can do the following steps:

1. Connect your phone again with debugging mode enabled

2. Execute the commands

Open the command prompt again. Set the directory to Android SDK platform tools directory. And type following commands:

adb shell

pm setInstallLocation 0


I hope you can do this correctly without having any problems.

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