It is just the end of the holiday season

It is just the end of the holiday season and the beginning of a new year; a new decade. Undoubtedly many of you (including yours truly) probably over indulged a bit on the seasons festivities and are now taking stock and looking to get back in the gym or start for that matter. Or maybe some of you have decided that it's a new year and decade and are making a New Years resolution that it's time to turn the heat up on your fitness and weight loss program. Or, for those of you living in the Caribbean, Trinidad Carnival is just but a couple months away and you want to look great in that costume. For whatever your reason, burning off excess body fat is probably one of your desired goals and one of the best and most efficient way of doing so is via High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

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HIIT is the principle of working out at maximum capacity in repeated short bursts. With HIIT your metabolic rate is raised long after you have completed your exercise session and because your metabolic rate is raised you will continue to burn fat throughout the day (basically your body spends the rest of the day after an HIIT workout out burning up energy to recover, and using stored body fat primarily as it's source of energy). Research studies have shown that this post workout result of HIIT is far more effective for fat loss than low intensity, continuous cardio routines such as jogging or low impact aerobics. In one study performed on two groups of individuals, where one group performed aerobic exercises and the other interval training, it was shown that despite both groups burning the same number of calories, the group doing interval training lost more body fat in a shorter duration (Schwager, 2009).

So what does HIIT mean to you? Well the benefits are as follows:

  • Shorter workout duration for fat loss.
  • A greater increase in VO2 max when compared to traditional steady-state exercise, which translates to improved physical fitness.
  • Unlike long duration, moderate intensity exercise training, where you lose body fat as well as lean muscle mass, with HITT there is very little impact to lean muscle.
  • When combined with a slightly hypercaloric diet, adding HIIT in your training regime can result in increased lean muscle mass without adding very much body fat.
  • Improved stamina along with improved cardiovascular function, and decreased incidence of diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension

In summary, HIIT helps you maximise your workouts for best results in fat and weight loss without sacrificing lean muscle. When combined with a good diet, strength/resistance training and stress management, it is a perfect addition to any one's workout regime if they are looking for relatively quick way to loose that extra layer of fat. In my next article, Part 2, I will cover more of the specifics of HIIT and provide an example. Please stay tuned and I welcome your comments.


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